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How Does the US Apply Law to Online Poker?



There has been extreme confusion regarding how the US government appears to apply the Wire Act of 1961 to prosecute online poker operators. There has also be a huge hue and cry from the online poker operating community in the US regarding the fact that Anurag Dikshit, folded and admitted guilt to what Doyle Brunson refers to as "some mystery law".

He recons this man made his money from online poker and should have been more loyal to a game which helped him make his fortune. Had Dikshit stuck to his guns in denying guilt of a law barely anyone seems to comprehend and which also appears to favour some people over others – no court precedent would have been set! As it is, an act that has only previously applied to prosecution of online sports betting, now applies to online poker also!

There was also confusion in court over Dikshit's admission of guilt – he was co-founder of Party Gaming and sold out some time ago for $450 million. His co-founding partners have not been indicted and the Judge on the case wants to know why.

He pointed out to Government attorneys that Dikshit had been cooperating for two years and that this was ample time to bring indictment against the others.

Dikshit who lives in Gibraltar, flew to New York with a one way ticket; almost as though he was expecting jail time and this could have been up to two years. He also paid an admission of guilt fine of $300 million, and it all looks very stinky to me. Is Dikshit taking the fall for his ex-co-founders; was his sell out of Party Gaming shares an elaborate plan somehow? Was it an altruistic move to clear his conscience - he now runs a charitable foundation?

Perhaps there is a mystery to be solved? Or perhaps US Government attorneys only prosecuted Dikshit because he rolled over, so didn't bother to go after Ruth Parasol and Russell DeLeon, who live in Europe; none of it makes any sense!

Perhaps Party Gaming should develop a new online video slots game, call it the "Dikshit Rollover", provide an air of mystery to the theme and link it to a massive PJP – this could be apt at this point in time; the story blatantly appears to be a travesty – almost a mockery of something, of which I am are not quite sure. Party Gaming, be warned I have already trademarked "The Dikshit Rollover"!

What was originally seen as a triumph for the Department of Justice in Dikshit's rollover, now clearly defines that playing online poker in the US is illegal; just when lawmakers are trying to legalise the game online once again. Of course the wheels of justice turn slowly in the US and his plea of guilty was back in 2008, he has been cooperating with the department since then and this court appearance was for the purposes of conviction. If Dikshit, could afford to hand over $300 million surely he could have afforded fancy lawyers to keep him out of shit this thick? According to Mark Pomerantz, Dikshit’s lawyer, he did not want to get out of trouble, he has no ties to the US but wished to accept responsibility and square his accounts with the U.S.
Sunday, 25 November 2012
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