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Video Poker is a very popular gambling game that is offered in both land based and online casinos. There are many versions of Video Poker available and almost all of them are based on

five card draw poker. Video Poker has a relatively small house edge and provides the players with the ability to quickly gain a lot of money.

The action begins when the player makes and hits the 'deal' button. The player may exchange one or more cards for new cards from the virtual deck. He wins if his cards are identical to one of the possible winning combinations. All winning combinations of the Video Poker game can be found in a payout table. This table shows all possible winning combinations and their respective  payouts. These payouts are dependent on the version and played the odds.

Online casinos often offer Video Poker games with progressive jackpots. These progressive jackpots may give players less chance of winning, but do give them the possibility of winning a lot of money in one go.
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